About Us

Hi there! I’m Merissa Bury. I’m a tutor & content marketer by day, and an op-ed journalist plus an avid book reader by night. And THIS is my website Modern Female Central.

There’s so much controversy surrounding the #metoo movement that we can barely turn on any news channel without seeing some story about it.  Women clearly have more of an avenue to open up about sexual harassment. And with a more receptive mindset, our society at large is thinking more thoroughly about what it means to be sexually harassed …and how the problem can be addressed.

I started this blog five years ago and then decided to start it up again last month. There was so much Modern Female Central brought to us as women. A place to share our stories, our obstacles, share posts, make comments, and just have a conversation about our future. And as we are currently witnessing with the #metoo movement,  our world is quickly changing. So what better conversation to start up again than what it means to be a modern woman?

So….I ask one thing.

When you come here, just be you. 

If you want to write for us, write for us.

If you want share your opinions, write a comment

If you want to speak with me, just send me a message.

And in however else you want to be you… just do it!

We are here to test the waters ladies – and the coast is finally clear, so let’s test away!